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With Energy Insight, it is easy to get grip on your energy bill and reduce your monthly expenses. The online service Ynni provides detailed, real-time insight into energy consumption and costs. Ynni analyzes your data and can measure how much energy is consumed by individual appliances in the home.

The efficiency of each appliance is calculated and your monthly energy consumption is disaggregated into categories. Ynni gives you insights in your consumption per appliance which can be compared with previous months, or against a benchmark of similar households.

The results of any changes in energy usage are visible immediately. For example, Ynni can show the impact of turning down the heating, turning off electrical appliances which aren't in use, switching to led lights, replacing an old washing machine or insulating your home.

Thus, energy is never wasted and you are always in control of your energy consumption and bills.

Do you want to keep the data at home? That's also possible, visit:


Real-time insight into your energy consumption and costs

Insight into your historical gas and energy usage

Monthly budget manager

Recognition & efficiency of devices

Monthly energy consumption divided into categories and activities

Advice & tips on how to save

Challenges, quizzes, messages and notifications

Gamification device efficiency

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What do you need?

Everyone who has a smart meter can get started with the online service Ynni. All you need is a SmartBridge, and to download the Ynni app and sign up for the insight service.

Don't have a smart meter yet? The smart meter will be placed by your grid operator soon. For more information, visit your grid operator's website.

You can cancel the online service while still maintaining real-time insight into energy consumption, without the data leaving your home.

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