Registered with Ynni, whats next?

After creating your Ynni account, you will be rewarded with a badge explaining the communication flow within Ynni. Your inbox contains messages challenging you to share information with Ynni about your energy usage and the appliances you own. Each completed challenge is awarded with a badge explaining the functions and features of the Ynni app.

First, collect all the data

Ynni's first 30 days are a training period. During this time the system is collecting information about your energy usage. You'll also be reminded to fill in your consumption profile via the app.

Once Ynni has recognized all of your appliances and processed all your data, you can start saving energy. The Ynni app shows you exactly where your energy is going. With concrete tips and advice Ynni helps you achieve a lower energy bill. Saving energy has never been this simple and fun!

Get the most out of Ynni

Enter your monthly and yearly energy costs

Your personal gas and electricity bundles form the basis of Ynni. The budget manager in the Ynni app gives you monthly insight into your costs. In order to receive all the insights, enter your personal details under the 'Usage' button.

These include your monthly and yearly electricity costs and your gas and electricity tariffs. You'll find this information on your monthly invoice and annual account from your energy supplier.

Complete your consumption profile

You can fill in much more than your yearly and monthly costs. The complete consumption profile consists of four parts:

  • Home: type of house, size, year of construction

  • Occupants: number, type

  • Heating: how your house is heated

  • Appliances: all your electrical appliances

Fill in all the sections of the consumption profile. With a complete profile, Ynni can recognize your appliances and compare your usage, but also give you personal advice. You will then benefit from a service that is fully tailored to your personal situation.

The more complete your consumption profile, the more you benefit from Ynni.

Check your electricity consumers

Once you have entered all the consumption profile information, Ynni starts with the analysis. Ynni automatically recognizes your electrical appliances. However, some appliances take longer to be recognized. This depends on the frequency at which some appliances are used.

After a 30 day training period, Ynni shows you the most important power consumers in your home. The overview below shows you which appliances they could be.

  • Computers and other appliances that stay on stand-by

  • Washing machine

  • Dryer

  • Refrigerator

  • Dishwasher

  • Oven

Use the tips and personal advice

In the thirty day training period while Ynni is learning about your personal energy situation, you only receive general tips to help you reduce your energy consumption. But once Ynni has finished the training period, you will receive personalised tips and advice.

This way Ynni helps you to reduce your energy consumption.

Challenge yourself!

Ynni doesn't only give you insight into your energy consumption and personalized advice on how to reduce it, it also challenges you. You receive these challenges in an email in your inbox. The challenges are designed to help you improve the energy consumption of one of your appliances in a month. There are a total of five challenges you can join.

Let yourself be challenged and get started with saving energy.